All shooting ranges are equipped with electronic targets (SIUS).
The Women and Junior Women (Rifle, Pistol and RT) category shoots 60 rounds into the race (ISSF 1.1.2018).
Category 10m RT Women and Junior Women will be merged (little JW entered).

FINAL Programme

on line final hall



Map Shooting Range Plzen Lobzy

Loc: 49°44'12.86"N,13°25'10.52"E

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Mix competitions (M + W) will not be in the program.
Applications will be given to national federation teams.

Annex 1 - Invitation: pdf

Annex 2 - Preliminary application form:  xls - pdf       Send by 10.12.2017 at the latest.

Annex 3 - Transport and Accommodation: xls - pdf    Send by 10.12.2017 at the latest.

Free Shuttle - Hotel - Shooting range and back.

This shipment will be only from official hotels upon ordering with the organizer.

Annex 4 - Final Entry Form: It will be sent to you after you log in and the forms Annex 2 and Annex 3.  Send by 3.1.2018 at the latest.

Annex 5 - Visa application form:  xls  To get a visa, please send it as soon as possible.