49th Grand Prix of Liberation Plzeň 2018


Info 1- pdf

Info 2 - pdf

Invitation - pdf

Sign in using email. Fill in and send forms in xls format.

Anex 1 - Preliminary Application - xls - pdf

Anex 2 - Transport, Weapons and Accommodation - xls - pdf

Request for permission to import arms - pdf


Anex 3 - Final Entry Form - The final application will be sent to the Preliminary Application.

Anex 4 - VISA -  - xls - pdf

Anex 5 - Final Entry Form - Mix Team (Rifle and Pistol).

The final application (Anex 5) will be sent to the Preliminary Application

According to Info 2.


All info: sskmp@telecom.cz

Temporary import, transit arms and ammunition to the Czech republic.

Map Shooting Range Plzen Lobzy

Shooting Range ASS DUKLA Pilsen
Loc: 49°44'12.86"N,13°25'10.52"E